Wherewith I Strive 12′  for mezzo-soprano, flute, and harp or piano, in 4 movements.

  1. …wherewith I strive … an Epigram by Sir Thomas Wyatt
  2. For the Days of My Trouble. Excerpt from the Book of Job
  3. Flute Interlude
  4. A Song, by Phillis Levin

Three poems about mortality and being here: an epigram by Thomas Wyatt, an excerpt from The Book of Job – the epic poem of moral outrage and anxiety that has served us well during trying times – and a lyric by Phillis Levin, plus a solo flute interlude, which can be performed separately. See an excerpt of the piano version here.  Buy the score and parts for that version here, the harp version here.    Listen to excerpts of the version with harp, below.