In 2021 the teen-age environmental activist Greta Thunberg made a stir by saying, “…our emperors are naked,” referring to newly minted corporate reports on carbon offsets. Ever since hearing Greta’s remark, I’ve been remembering that when I read The Emperor’s New Clothes as a young person, I was fascinated by the succession of increasingly ornate imaginary clothes the tailors made – in other words, how fabulous the fraud could be.  What is the sound equivalent of fabulous invisible clothes?  In a world in which truth is sometimes treated as a relative value, how does one detect fraud and call it out?

For oboe accompanied by piano and string trio.  7’ Commissioned by The Louis Moreau Institute  Premiere March 20, 2024 at the New Marigny Theatre at Church of Arts and Sciences, 2301 Marais Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

here is midi audio.

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