By the year 2020, many international corporations were declaring themselves ‘green’, by a variety of standards, and many had purchased shares of carbon offset programs to bolster that claim. The standard on what was ‘green’ was loose at best, and the accounting in the companies selling the carbon offsets was questionable. In the 2021 UN meeting about climate the agenda included creating guidelines on emission trading systems – including trading carbon offsets, which were key to the definition what is a ‘green’ corporation.  Many corporations were hopeful that a suitable definition of a carbon offset could be agreed upon; other people were hoping to understand what a carbon offset actually was.

Meanwhile, at a rally outside the meeting, In the streets of Edinburgh, a teen-age environmental activist Greta Thunberg called the corporations and the carbon offsets they had purchased fraud, saying, “…our emperors are naked.”  Her words helped force the people in the actual meeting to tighten their definition of ‘green’ and dig into the truth about the carbon offsets. For more on the new territory of carbon offsets….

Greta demonstrated that it is possible to speak truth to power.  I’m grateful to her and her continued actions about truth. She’s a powerhouse.  This piece is a tribute to her.

For oboe accompanied by piano and string trio.  7’ Commissioned by The Louis Moreau Institute  Premiere March 20, 2024 at the New Marigny Theatre at Church of Arts and Sciences, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Starring Theodosia Ruossos, oboe, but really, all the Louies were amazing.

Here is audio from the premiere:

And a little video of the opening….