Table Manners, a comedic duet or duel for two sopranos and 40 pounds of silverware, about friendship, competition and greed. In the livestream premiere a viewer described the work  as ‘whimsical, passionate, intriguing, voluptuous...’ 2020 13′  Text by Phillis Levin.  Commissioned by Ariadne Greif.  See a score excerpt.  Buy the score.  Can be performed in concert form, lightly staged, with or without the maid. (I’ll help you with the props!)

Coming on October 15, 2024, at Symphony Space:

Ariadne Greif and Paul Pinto will perform the live premiere for Soprano and Baritone, directed by Mary Birnbaum.

View the award-winning music video with Ariadne Greif performing both parts: