A tragicomedy in 1 act for 3 female singers, small ensemble.  Work in Progress 2024

Jane Bouchard organizes an annual conference about the Androscoggin River in Maine.  Only a day before the conference starts, the keynote speaker cancels, because of a ‘conflict of interests.’  In a bind, she invites her old friend Mary Beth to replace him, even though they haven’t talked in 6 months because of a huge fight over politics at Thanksgiving.  The two women meet to work out the talk contents, and hope they’re in agreement but quickly learn that they aren’t. Under the pressure of time, they stumble toward each other with best of intentions, trying to find common ground, over dams, fish, jobs, the economy, whose river is it anyway and how do we keep talking to each other when political chasms open up. It takes the intervention of a too blunt daughter to find a way forward. Everyone’s deep relationship to the river’s health is revealed.  Book and music by Sheree Clement.