Sheree Clement, composer

Using intricate shimmering colors over re-imagined fragments of tunes, composer Sheree Clement builds surprising comedic narratives.

She upends the listener’s expectations using politically charged texts and over-the-top staged and semi-staged dramas. All with the goal of waking us up to the upheaval, conflicting truths, and possibilities of now.

Vocalise for the Naked Emperor

Premiere March 20, 2024 at the New Marigny Theatre at Church of Arts and Sciences, 2301 Marais Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Commissioned by The Louis Moreau Institute

In 2021 the teen-age environmental activist Greta Thunberg made a stir by saying, “…our emperors are naked,” referring to newly minted corporate reports on carbon offsets. But when I read The Emperor’s New Clothes as a young person, the succession of increasingly ornate imaginary clothes the tailors made – in other words, the fabulous fraud – captivated me at the expense of the moral of the story. What is the sound equivalent of fabulous invisible clothes?  In a world in which truth is sometimes treated as a relative value, how does one detect fraud and call it out?

For oboe accompanied by piano and string trio.  7’

Table Manners

A duet/duel for two sopranos and forty pounds of silverware. The struggle between finding human connection vs. settling for having material stuff conveyed with comedy and drama. Text by Phillis Levin. Premiere of a new version, October 15, 2024 with Ariadne Greif and Paul Pinto, directed by Mary Birnbaum. 

Mermaid Songs

Premiere October 15, 2024 Ariadne Greif and the Momenta String Quartet, directed by Mary Birnbaum.

Three vivid, funny and forthright songs about not giving up your dream to be a mermaid, friendships between sea urchins, champagne cocktail parties and chemotherapy. For female voice and string quartet.  24′ Text by Heather Hartley, from her book of poems, Adult Swim.  Commissioned by Ariadne Greif and the Momenta String Quartet, Mermaid Songs is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature. 

Sacred and Profane

An evening of ecstatic chamber music
and dada comedy

with Ariadne Greif, soprano, Paul Pinto, baritone, Mary Birnbaum, stage direction,

Nadia Sirota and Jonah Sirota, violas, Benjamin Larsen, cello, Hyungjin Choi, piano

and the Momenta String Quartet.

October 15, 2024

Symphony Space, Leonard Nimoy Theatre


Fast Fish

Premiere May 13, 2024, the New York New Music Ensemble at the Milton Resnick and Pat Passlof Foundation, 87 Eldridge Street, New York, NY

An ode to freshwater fish.  In four scenes, evoking sparkling ponds in spring, pristine streams, the grief from losing a fish population from overfishing and the gentle movement of magnificent Brook Trout huddling in a deep pool in hot, dry August.  ​For fl, cl/ bass cl, pno, vln, vc.  17’.  Here is an excerpt of the beginning of the score.


a short monodrama for piano, spoken word and fixed media, set in the year 2020, in which a woman faces mind-bending isolation and struggles to comprehend the epidemic of death around her.  Eliza Garth premiered it at Merkin Hall in March, 2023. See a video of that performance here.  Music video coming in 2023-24.