Table Manners

A duet / duel about closeness, connection and greed with forks, knives and spoons.  Commissioned by Ariadne Greif with text by Phillis Levin.  For two voices and forty pounds of silverware.

Presented by Flushing Town Hall, as part of my Exploring the Metropolis / Con Edison Composer Residency Jan – June, 2020.

Premiere performance —
cancelled {sigh}, like everything else…. 
…..please stay tuned….
we’re working on a snappy video….

uh oh….

Well this pandemic thing is really dragging on and ruining my lifestyle. Wait, is that the sound of our society crumbling? This came to mind:

December 2020: winter is arriving, public health policy barely exists in the U. S. and so more of us are dying. There are more sirens in my neighborhood.

Making a new work for Eliza Garth, for bowed piano and fixed media is helping me get through the days. When she performs it, Eliza will be bowing the piano, playing the insides in as many ways as I can figure out, talking, humming and so much more……