Wherewith I Strive

Wherewith I Strive.  For Mezzo, flute and harp.  Commissioned by the Jubal Trio.  Premiered by the Canyonlands Ensemble.  Texts include excerpts from the book of Job, ‘A Song’ by Phillis Levin, and an Epigram by Sir Thomas Wyatt. All three texts can be considered explorations of striving against misery, oppression or discouragement.  The three songs […]

Chamber Concerto

A work for sinfonietta, the music lurches between morose, dueling violins, slapstick tuttis, and heartbroken loveletters, played by solo strings. For picc, flute, cl, bs. cl, french horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba,  2 percussion, piano, single strings.  15′ Recorded by Speculum Musicae on CRI, now available from New World Records.  Performed in New York City by Speculum […]