Stories I Cannot Tell You

for chamber orchestra.  6-5-4-4-2, 1-1-1-1, 1-1-1-1.  2 perc, 1 pno.  Updraft Lost Waltz Blackbirds flew by, and he almost fled the scene, as if drawn by them. ‘Stories I Cannot Tell You’ is in three movements of approximately the same length, that are roughly, fast – slow – fast, played without pause. The work opens […]

Avian Moments

Avian Moments.  for flute quartet:  piccolo, Flute in C, Alto Flute and Bass Flute.  Three short movements.   Twittering, fluttering, trilling, floating upwards, spiraling in and out of tonality, these three short pieces mimic and explore birdsong, including the multi-phonics produced by an avian syrinx.  This work is dedicated to Jayn Rosenfeld, flutist extraordinaire.


Objects–Food–Rooms (2013) for medium voice and clarinet, will be given its premiere performance by Janet Pape and Gilles Noirez on a concert presented by LA BALLADE DE LINOS, in a concert at the Temple du Luxembourg, 58 rue Madame – 75006 Paris, 8 février 2014 à 16 heures. A second version, for medium voice, alto […]

Prelude No. 13

Solo Piano. last in a set of 13.  Moderato.  2014.  slippery tunes, punctuated by pauses, migrate up in tessitura, and are squeezed into precise and slightly harsh and hesitant phrases.  

Prelude No. 12

No. Twelve.  Quickly.  2013.  An official exploration of more twittering, finding ways to migrate from twittering to twittering and stuttering arpeggios.

Round Trip Ticket

A swirling tune played on a marimba disburses like ripples in a pond – in ever widening circles. Via fractured counterpoint it visits the song of a veery and an elegy before arriving at a jarring end.scored for ‘pierrot ensemble’ plus two percussionists. The first plays primarily marimba and vibraphone; the second plays wooden, hand […]

Prelude No. 10

Prelude No. 10.  2006  Moderato. After this prelude opens with a bold and cheery 12-tone march, the music slows down and speeds up at the same time, and expands outward in almost all dimensions.  

Prelude No. 9: Adagio

Prelude No. 9: Adagio.   initially simple, delicate and mercurial the music expands into the furious, indignant and complex culmination of the set of thirteen preludes.  Hold onto your seat.