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Round Trip Ticket

A swirling tune played on a marimba disburses like ripples in a pond – in ever widening circles. Via fractured counterpoint it visits the song of a veery and an elegy before arriving at a jarring end.scored for ‘pierrot ensemble’ plus two percussionists. The first plays primarily marimba and vibraphone; the second plays wooden, hand […]

Prelude No. 10

Prelude No. 10.  2006  Moderato. After this prelude opens with a bold and cheery 12-tone march, the music slows down and speeds up at the same time, and expands outward in almost all dimensions.  

Prelude No. 9: Adagio

Prelude No. 9: Adagio.   initially simple, delicate and mercurial the music expands into the furious, indignant and complex culmination of the set of thirteen preludes.  Hold onto your seat.